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Alice L. Belcher, D.Div., M.S., B.A.
Host - Dr. B. Real Talk Radio
Founder, Christian Woman Perspective Ministries, Inc., Co-Founder, Impact Coalition for Families and Dr. B. Real Talk.
Alexis N. Nash, M.S., B.S.
Co-Host and Producer
Dr. B. Real Talk Radio
Co-Founder, Impact Coalition for Families and Dr. B. Real Talk
About Dr. B. Real Talk Radio - "I'm a Realist."  Dr. A. Belcher
Since 1998, Alice Belcher (Dr. B.), has advocated for social justice for women, children and their families, in one format or another. Dr. B. is a highly respected facilitator, domestic violence and sexual assault expert, writer and academic. She is credited for the Certification Family Violence Advocate cohort (the first domestic violence advocate training cohort to be offered at any college or university in the State of Wisconsin), co-founder Impact Coalition for Families and Founder of its 501(c)3 parent organization, Christian Woman Perspective Ministries, Inc. and Dr. B. Real Talk Radio, which is operated from Milwaukee, WI and broadcasts internationally.
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"We are committed to holistically scaffolding individuals, families and community for positive sustainable change through information and education."
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